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Residents have raised concerns about the lack of a suitable pedestrian footpath in Northney Road between The Langstone Hotel and the lay-by and the sea over-topping the existing bund-wall  making the road impassable during inclement weather.

For more than three years NEHRA has been working with the relevant authorities and interested parties to improve the path and reduce the likelihood of the road flooding. A significant amount of time has been spent by several committee members and in particular Judy Clark who has been responsible for progressing the project to where it is today.

For a full description of the project download the Northney Coastal Path Project Report

An update on the coastal path was presented at the 2016 December Winter General Meeting. After discussion between the members and councillors the chairman stated the committee felt the project has been taken as far as is possible and no further effort or cost should be expended by NEHRA, this was put to the meeting and agreed by a majority. It was further suggested that the progression of the project should be picked-up by the council and Cllr Leah Turner offerred to try and progress this. Full details of the meeting discussion and outcome.

An update on the proposed project was presented by Judy Clark at the Annual General Meeting in May 2017. Judy reported that thanks to Cllr Leah Turner's efforts CIL funding to the value of £90,000 has been made available, allowing the planning process to proceed. For details of Judy's report (6. Coastal Path).

The planning application was re-submitted in July. This raised a number of points from various agencies which the committee believed had already been addressed, including the need for an Ecology Report. We sought a clear and complete list of questions before committing to any additional costs and have negotiated an extension to the application.

An update on the proposed project was presented at the Annual General Meeting in May 2018. For details of Judy's report (7.1 Coastal Path).

As of December 2018 the path project has been unable to progress further because of the conditions applied by Natural England. However, Natural England have been in discussion with the English Coastal Path project and Hampshire County Council and have proposed a possible solution. We await the outcome of the discussions.


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