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Updated - 16th May 2024

For details of all planning applications go to HBC Planning and use the Advanced search tab to find applications by Ward (we are in the East Ward) and your required date range. On this site you can request alerts for an area you are particularly interested in and track applications. Or for details of current applications in our area follow the links below.

It is over ten years since the VDS was published. The experience of using it to review and respond to planning applications recently created a discussion as to whether the VDS fully addressed the scenarios encountered and if it is appropriate for addressing future applications. In 2017 the committee discussed and published policy clarification notes, which are consistent with the approach taken over recent years and which also consider potential future scenarios. For details of the clarification notes.

2 West Haye Cottages, St Peters Road - Part removal of existing condemned dwelling. Two storey side extension. Continuation of existing pitched roof, finishing with catslide end. Two new porches to front. Formation of new driveway to front garden.

Northney Marina Office, Northney Marina - Variation of Condition 5 of APP/23/00469 to allow use of Unit 3 as a gym.

16 Northney Road - Two storey side and single storey rear extension with revised fenestration. Demolition of existing single garage and rear lean-to.

The Brents, St Peters Road - 1No Blue Atlas Cedar (labeled 1 on the sketch plan) reduce to previous pruning points. Crown raise to 3 metres. 1No Monterey Pine (labeled 2 on the sketch plan) fell to replace with alternative species. Trees within the St Peter's Conservation area.

Cedar Orchard, Copse Lane - Change of use of mobile home for use as holiday accommodation (AirBnB).

Sunnyfields, St Peters Road - Deconstruction and rebuilding of damaged South chimney stack in a conservation area.

2 Church Cottage, St Peters Road - Two storey side and rear extension, external alternations, single storey addition to garage, erect new garden room in rear garden.

Church Farm, Church Lane - Crown reduce 1No. Multi Stem Bay (T1) back to previous pruning points; Crown reduce group of Bay, Laurel and Viburnum shrubs (T2) to leave a standing height of approx 2m and reduce sides to shape; Crown reduce 1No. Magnolia (T3) to leave a standing height of approx 6m, and shape sides to suit; Crown reduce 4No. Cherry (T4) to previous pruning points; Crown reduce 9No. Pittosporums (T5) to leave a standing height of 3m, reduce sides to shape; Crown reduce 2No. Conifer (T6) to leave a standing height of approx 7m, reduce sides to shape; Reduce southern sector of 1No. Oak (T7) to near boundary line and shape into top of canopy; Fell 1No. Multi Stem Goat Willow (T8). Within Conservation Area of St Peter's.

Northney Farm, St Peters Road - Partial Reinstatement and Repair of existing sea wall to a height of 1.4m and Creation of an inner bund with a maximum height of 2.25m to protect habitat for wintering bird populations.

Antrims Barn, St Peters Road - Enforcement Notice Appeal - Unauthorised single storey rear extension to Grade II Listed Building on the Land


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