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Jack and the Bean Stalk

January 2024

It is a well-known fact that the farm land up here in Northney is very fertile and productive, but no one quite realised quite how the giant bean stalk grew to such hugiferous proportions! Nor did any of the local yokels realise that there was a huge, fierce and allegedly, child eating, horrible GIANT living at the top of this magical bean stalk. However, in a feat of incredible bravery, local resident Mary managed to chop down this huge bean and render the village safe for children once again.


What unfolded was the story told by a group of Northney players in the Village Hall in January. It was the idea of a couple of local residents; Fiona and Alan Bartlett to put this whole terrible story down on paper and set about organising a ragged collection of locals, ably assisted by several sensible and well-practiced HIAD members to produce this splendid rendition of 'Jack and the Bean Stalk' in Northney Recreational Hall on Saturday January the 27th, Oh yes they did! As the facts unfolded it was clear that a near disaster was narrowly avoided by the prompt actions of these brave thespians.

All Pantos have to have a large, morbidly obese Dame played by a man, no one quite knows why. Lauri Noble played the part of Jack's Mother, Gladys Hardup with heaving bosom and great gusto. Her son Jack, the hero of the story played by Mary Golden met a bucolic retired auctioneer, Derek Bowerman, who duped Jack into accepting a bag of beans as the price of Jack's best friend a beautiful Friesian Cow, named Marigold. Marigold had recently done a runner from Mary and Stan's local Northney herd, only to be adopted by Jack. Some people thought that a couple of local roughnecks were dressed-up in a cow costume, but we knew the truth!


This disguarded bag of beans surprisingly grew to gargantuan proportions, housing a dastardly ugly giant with the most terrifying voice. The 'voice' was loudly played by Paul Covell, and if Hayling Island ever needed a Town Crier, Paul Covell would be the goto man! The digital and vocal effects where brilliantly managed by Bob Ede. The ability to project images on the back wall of the Hall made a huge difference in imagining the 'scene'. As usual The Northney Players where ahead of the curve using such advanced theatrical technology!

This pantomime romantic scene was set by the beautiful Alice played by Pam Cornish, who sweeps young Jack off his/her feet. In this gender fluid age it seems only reasonable that girls play boys parts and boys play girls parts! Just remember that Panto thought of it first, or was it Will Shakespeare?


Inevitably Northney Ice Cream made an appearance, introduced and generously distributed by Simple Simon, Sue Wilson. Sue isn't really simple but her HIADS training really made you think so!

Alan Bartlet, who should have known better and Craig McFarling where a well tattooed pair of panto baddies, oh no they weren't, they were a couple of softies really, just after the ice cream. After brave Jack rescues the golden goose and magic harp, Sue Cooke-Priest, whose left arm will never be the same again, everybody seemed to live happily ever after. Oh yes they did.


The music was provided by the Hayling Huggers, who were on their usual cracking form and played a really professional back up to the songs written/adapted by the musical director Allan Bartlett.

At the rousing vocal finale, the usual competion ensued where the left side of the auditorium sang in competion to the right side of the auditorium, oh yes they did, and very rousing they were! Realistically a production like this takes a lot of work and organisation and the whole cast are very grateful to Hannah Williams and Maggie Knighton for their invaluable help.


Both performances where a sell out and after the modest expenses of this outstanding production where met, NEHRA, who held responsibility for the whole sad affair, where able to donate £400 to both the First Responders and The Hayling Food Bank.

Having been involved in a bovine sort of way, I am aware that everybody involved in this stella production really had a whale of a time, it remains to be seen, however if the audience did?

Oh yes, they did!

Report by Chris Emery

Pop Up Pub nights

March and October 2023

As with previous Pop Up Pubs these evenings were well attended and enjoyed by all. At the October evening draught beers from the Flowerpots Brewery were well received as was freshly prepared Pimms and a range of wines, bottled lagers, ciders and beers were also available from the bar. There was also the chance to play pool and darts.


January 2023

This year's pantomime in Northney, written and produced by Fiona Bartlett was a great success with both performances being a sell out. The use of modern technology to project images onto the back of the stage was a new innovation and was brilliantly created by local resident Bob Ede.


Once again the cast were mainly drawn from the village and some with little or no experience of previous acting. All the cast put their heart and soul into the show which was very well organised and managed by newcomer to Northney, Hannah Williams.

Both audiences were keen to take part from the very beginning of the panto with cheers and boo's and singing their socks off to all the musical numbers, backed by the Hayling Huggers Ukulele Band.

The proceeds, after costs, are going to four charities. The Hayling First Responders and the Hayling Foodbank are receiving £450 each and both have said how enormously grateful the are for such sizeable donations. The Hayling Huggers play for Naomi House Hospice who will receive a £50 cheque, and Hayling Island Amateur Drama Society will be sent £50 for their help in loaning costumes and some props.

Derek Bowerman, Chairman of NEHRA who promoted the panto said 'We are very grateful for the support of the audiences and all the cast and members who worked hard to produce a brilliant show. It gave both cast and audience a lot of fun and laughter, and we are delighted to donate the proceeds to local vital charities. Oh yes we are!!!'

Pop Up Pub night

October 2022

With the evenings drawing-in it was nice to stroll to the hall and be served a pint of draught bitter (Irving's Type 42) and meet-up with other villagers and friends. A range of wines, bottled lagers, ciders and beers were also available at the bar.

There was also the chance to play pool or darts accompanied by servings of hot sausage rolls.

As usual attendance was good at this Pop Up Pub which we aim to run a couple of times a year.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Party

June 2022

Our celebration started with the brilliant gypsy jazz Mercer Walker Trio playing in the garden of North Hayling Village Hall.


To ease things along Pimms and draught beer, cider and wine were available from the bar. Even though there was a capacity attendence the que for the bar never got too long to wait, besides it was a chance to catch-up with neighbours and friends.


Games in a gazebo entertained the children and one game in particular sparked much speculation with some adults as to how it's actually done?


However, after a while rain moved in as a fine mist at first and some attempted to brave it out...


But the offer of free food - a tasty Rae's sausage (and a veggy option) and fried onion in a roll and delicious Northney ice cream to follow - was further enticement to move inside. Some brought their own picnic, hopefully they didn't get too damp!


Once inside everyone had a chance to dry off (a bit), mingle with people and view the seventy pictures from seventy years of the Queen's reign.

The band also moved inside and continued to play equisite music for a further hour competing with the rumble of lively conversations resonating throughout the hall.

NEHRA sponsored the food and music for the party so the community could gather and celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We would also like to thank all those who volunteered and helped before, during and after the event. Be it - lending tables and gazebos, hanging bunting, setting-up gazebos etc, parking, organising children's games, the bar, preparing cooking and serving food, glass collection/cleaning or clearing-up afterwards - your efforts helped make the event the success it was.

Pop Up Pub night

April 2022

It was great to welcome villagers and friends back to Pub Night.

The hall was thronging with happy people in conversation. Attendence was reported to be anywhere from sixty to over one hundred depending on the time, or perhaps the amount consumed?

In addition to good conversation there was also the chance to play pool or darts accompanied by servings of hot sausage rolls.


An initally well stocked bar of Irving's Type 42 draught bitter, bottled beer, lager, cider and wine was enthusiastically enjoyed!


Aladdin Comes to Hay-Ling

January 2020

After the 2019 pantomime 'Hansel and Gretel' local resident, writer and director Fiona Bartlett said never again! We're glad to say the sentiment didn't last and Fiona created the wonderful 'Aladdin Comes to Hay-Ling' for this years' panto. A cast of local residents and actors supported by the Hayling Huggers Ukulele Band performed to two sell-out audiences.

For poor Aladdin and the Widow Twanky the future appeared Wishy-Washy. The duplicitous Abanazar suggested to Aladdin an old lamp was to be found in a cave on Portsdown Hill and if found would secure their future. Having found the cave and lamp and with the help of 'Jeannie' life was looking rosy for Aladdin and co.


Now the 'real' genie was out, but no one wanted to fly on his magic carpet...


But the evil Abanazar double-crossed Aladdin and was loudly heckled by the audience. He got his comeuppence....


How else to end but to "Always look on the bright side of life!"


Refreshments were served after each perfomances allowing the cast to mingle with the audience. Profit from the performances will be split between The Hayling Food Bank, First Responders and The Red Cross.

Carols in the Village

December 2019

It wouldn't be Christmas in Northney without Carols in the Village and the St Peters Singers! Another full-house of villagers packed into the Village Hall to sing carols and enjoy the fabulous St Peter's Singers perform, interspersed with amusing readings. The event was sponsored by NEHRA with mulled wine, mince pies and sausage rolls served afterwards. A collection for The Hayling Food Bank raised £279.

Pop Up Pub night

October 2019

Our ever popular local was well attended and enjoyed by villagers and friends.


March 2019

The BBV Theatre Group performed Harold Pinter's play BETRAYAL to an enthusiatic audience in the village hall.

Carols in the Village

December 2018

The annual seasonal gathering of villagers packed into the Village Hall to sing carols and enjoy the fabulous St Peter's Singers perform, interspersed with amusing readings. This years event was sponsored by NEHRA with mulled wine, mince pies and sausage rolls served afterwards.


A collection for The Hayling Food Bank raised over £270 plus food donations.

Hansel & Gretel the Panto

December 2018

Two packed audiences enjoyed a traditional version of the pantomime 'Hansel and Gretel,' written by local resident Fiona Bartlett and supported by the Hayling Huggers Ukulele Band.


The Guardian Angel transformed into a traffic warden dealing with the traffic congestion on the Island and the dame Heidi had a chain of Bakery Shops named after 'her.'


Everyone was offered a ginger biscuit and some a 'live' (sugar) mouse which the witch apparently eats for her tea!!



With lots of laughter at the planned jokes and action, and also at that which was unplanned, the audiences sang along to familiar tunes with new words to fit the show.



After expenses the proceeds were split between 3 local charities, The Hayling Food Bank, The Hayling Men's Shed Association, and the NE Hayling Residents Association (NEHRA). Each was given just over £250. Both Paul Dennison (Food Bank) and Gerald Johnson (Men's Shed) expressed their gratitude to the producers Fiona and Alan Bartlett for these generous donations. Chairman of NEHRA Derek Bowerman thanked them and all involved in the pantomime for their hard work, and hoped that they can look forward to another panto next year!


A Christmas Carol - Reboot

December 2017

Scrooge in modern times. Bah! Humbug! He's just as grumpy, just as mean and just as full of Christmas cheer! For one night only BBV presented their modern day interpretation of Dicken's classic A Christmas Carol to a capacity audience in the village hall.


The production provided an entertaining and feastive lead-in to the holidays.


During the interval a small number of interesting lots (ranging from a day sail to the Isle of Wight on a 34' yacht, to a trailer load of dung!) were auctioned much to the generosity and amusement of the audience.


Shakespeare's Richard II

May 2015

The Maskers Theatre Company performed Shakespeare's Richard II in Northney Village Hall for a one night only thespian delight.

Richard II

The hall became a theatre in the round and the sense of real contact and inclusion with the lively and word perfect cast was a real theatrical experience not to be missed.

The occassion sold out before the night. One hundred people filled the hall, enjoyed the performance and tried their luck in the raflle and overall provided a healthy addition to the Associations funds.

Richard II

If you have an idea you'd like to put forward for consideration for the next event, please do get in touch via

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